Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 1097
Date N/A
Publisher Ankama Studio
Date 2007-04-10
Publisher Ankama Studio
Type: Tactical MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
Operating system: Windows®, Mac®, Linux
Status: Online
UK launch: April 10th, 2007
Official website:
Download size: less than 100MB
Players: 2,750,000 around the world

Since the precious DOFUS disappeared, the province of Amakna is in turmoil, (not without reason)! Indeed, the fabulous powers held by these magic dragon eggs arouse everyone’s covetousness, and the cities of Bonta and Brakmar are already confronting each other.
However, a greater threat is hanging over Amakna. Regularly, new strange creatures spread among an already rich fauna and flora, and lands appear where there was nothing a while ago.
But, wherever they come from, whatever their motives or whatever is happening around, all adventurers have the same aim: to lay their hands on the six precious DOFUS.

DOFUS: A MMORPG of its own kind

An amazing and amusing world
With its colourful 2-dimensional graphics and mischievous legends, DOFUS is an original video game.

An atypical gameplay in MMORPG (PvP – PvE)
With hundreds of possible combinations associated with uncertain variations, the tactical fighting system adds an undisputable interest to the MMORPG type.

Numerous functionalities
DOFUS offers a whole range of choices to the player through numerous quests, fighting possibilities, various crafts, regions to explore, trades, guilds, pets, and many more.

A constantly revived interest
The DOFUS world is constantly evolving as new things are regularly added to it: new monsters to confront, entire new regions, new functionalities.

An online game everyone can access to
You can play DOFUS on Windows®, Mac® or Linux, with very basic configurations, and you do not have to save anything since everything is stored online.

DOFUS, the UK version

A real interactive series
Thrilling new episodes added regularly. Gamers will be hooked to a brand new evolutive storyline. They will see their world evolve alongside their character as new updates are released on a regular basis.

UK dedicated community website and server
A constantly evolving source of information about DOFUS and the latest events related to it, the UK community website is an easy and complete introduction to our MMORPG. And of course, UK gamers will have their very own forums.

A revamped tutorial area
Discover the charming world of DOFUS through a brand new region especially designed for beginners. Everything a player needs to know and interact with is introduced in this safe place.

Specific events
Evolving world, revamped tutorial, new story…We will even throw in a UK community manager and several game masters, who will organise events for UK gamers only.
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