Dogs of War Online
Genre Action -> Action
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Dogs of War Online Open Beta Trailer (HD)
23.16MB - 33 downloads - 5 February, 2014

Aarklash is at war, riven by the incessant struggles between the forces of Light, Darkness and Destiny. Free companies exist within each of these three alliances and they roam the continent in search of glory. Veterans with a sordid past, bandits greedy for riches and other such unsavoury individuals join forces despite their differing characters. However, competition between mercenaries is fierce and everyone wants his share of the loot, whoever they may be working for. The player must therefore exploit the capabilities of each if he is to reach posterity. Dogs of War is an online strategy game inspired by an extension of the Confrontation miniatures game. The player spends Army Points to build a hierarchical group of mercenaries from the units of his choice. He can either send them on a mission across Aarklash or pit them against other players and their companies in tactical, turn-based, arena battles. Each event earns resource points for the guild masters which they then use to enhance their units. However, combat also bring its share of injuries, some of which can be serious, even... fatal!

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