Doom 3
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date 2004-08-03
Publisher Activision
Date 2004-08-13
Publisher Activision
North America Retail Box ArtThe long awaited release of Doom 3 sees it claiming two of gaming’s highest accolades: that of having the best graphics ever seen and of being the scariest video game ever made. The question of graphics seemed a pretty open and shut case from the moment the game was announced--this is the first new title from legendary developers iD Software since Quake III: Arena and as such it features completely new graphics technology. The reason the game is likely to win the Dr Who award for behind the sofa gaming is in the way it chooses to use its awesome new graphical power. The game’s storyline is a loose remake of the first Doom game (from way back in 1993) but the style of gameplay is actually radically different. This is more like a first person Resident Evil than anything else, with corpses lunging out at when you least expect it and monsters scattering their innards all over the place whenever you introduce them to the business end of your shotgun. In actual fact though it’s not the graphics that are the most disturbing aspect of the game but the sound, with every unknown noise ratcheting the tension up so much that by the time a monster actually does appear it’s almost a relief to tangle with them. Doom 3 is not for the faint hearted and that’s not a warning to be taken lightly--anyone keen on wearing oversized women’s shirts will have a coronary within minutes. But for everyone else this is exactly what the doctor ordered. --David Jenkins

- First-person shooter
- Fight back against a demonic invasion of a Mars research facility
- Built with id Software's newest 3D graphics engine
- Cinema-quality visuals and 5.1 surround sound
- Single-player and online
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