Dracula Unleashed
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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North America Retail Box ArtIn Dracula Unleashed it is the year 1899, ten years after the destruction of count Dracula chronicled in Bram Stoker's novel. You take the role of Alexander Morris, the younger brother of Texan Quincey Morris who died defeating Dracula. Alexander has come to London to investigate the circumstances of his brother's death, but became sidetracked when he fell in love with and proposed to a local girl named Annisette. Now, the dawn of a new millenium approaches and an evil force is stalking the streets of London, draining victims of their blood and transforming innocent women into bloodthirsty vampiresses. With the aide of your brother's old friends, the survivors of Dracula's evil, you must uncover the identity of this new vampire and prevent him from transforming Annisette into his queen of the night. Do not fail her, or she will personally rip your throat out.

- Classic interactive horror movie and adventure game.
- Escape from Vampires, Wolves and follow the trail of terror to save the one you love.
- Professional adaptation by movie producers Viacom Inc.
- Very rare Macintosh title comes in plain jewel case, documentation on CD.
- MAC OS: System 7.1 or Later
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