Dragon Saga
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
Today's Rank 2718
Date 2010-10-14
Publisher Gravity
Date 2010-10-14
Publisher Gravity
Since the close of the Dragon War, dragons and humans lived in peace on separate worlds – humans on their homeland, and dragons exiled to the depths of the Aether. It was not to last …
Consumed with the desire for revenge, the Dark Dragon Elga led a revolt that brought the death of the Dragon Lord and an invasion of the human world.
One thousand years have passed since the Five Heroes of legend defeated Elga in battle, and imprisoned him in the labyrinth prison of the Shadow Cabinet.
Now an unlikely agent threatens to release the Dark Dragon, spreading evil’s corruption across the land. And as before, heroes must rise to beat back the darkness.

Crush entire guilds, parties or other adventurers in the various PVP modes
Reach out to friends/strangers alike and battle together
Strengthen the bonds of friendship by establishing a guild to battle against rival guilds and claim the top spot in Dragon Saga!
Utilize features such as Enchanting, Soulcrafting, Cooking, Mission Maps, Pet System and Housing Systems to enhance your Dragon Saga MMORPG experience!
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