Drakensang: Complete Saga
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date N/A
Publisher ValuSoft
Date N/A
Publisher ValuSoft
Embark on an epic journey and choose to play through the original, The Dark Eye Drakensang, set in a unique, medieval world where sinister forces are at work in the city of Ferdok in Aventuria or experience The River of Time and follow the mythical legends and watch them entwine around this legendary river or enjoy the most famous and successful pen & paper campaign in “The Dark Eye” universe with Drakensang: Phileasson’s Secret, the expansion pack.

° Control up to four characters with an exciting combat system which can be paused to change weapons and spells;
° Master the art of magic to change the course of history, doom entire kingdoms or bring death and madness upon men;
° Experience exciting stories within huge campaigns involving numerous main and side quests;
° Over 10 hours of new quests to conquer in the expansion pack alone;
° World has been expanded with a new setting – a beautiful elven city!
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