DreamStripper Cabaret
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DreamStripper Cabaret has so many features have been added to increase your personalized enjoyment that we can only list some of them below. Now all the dancers are more detailed than ever...and where it counts. Other new features let you access your own MP3 playlist incuding ITunes and a dressing room that gives you an up close and very personal way to select your dancer’s outfit. Never has there been more choices to ensure your dancer is and does just what you like best.

This is what you asked for, with even better realism and graphics, higher resolutions, more detail, more choices, and compatibility with more computers.

You can choose to be excited by the dancers in the Dreamstripper Cabaret or with all four appealing Dreamstripper entertainment products, including the game and screen saver, for just a few dollars more. Time to choose between beautiful dancers who look erotically different, but all share sexually charged moves, bedroom eyes, and inviting smile. Let them be there just for you.

New Sexy African American Dancer Meet - Lexus
New Red Hot Hispanic Dancer - Meet Roxy
New Erotic Asian Dancer - Meet Sasha
Our Classic Dancer now sexier than ever - Meet Cherry
All Dancers are now completely and appealingly atomically correct
New hair styles
New Dressing Room Mode, dress her up how you like
New Playlist Music Engine, listen to your tunes
ITunes now Supported (You must have ITunes Installed)
New Dance Grouping User Interface
New 3D Lighting Engine for sharper colors and more erotic detail
New High resolution - High Polygon Count dance club
Updated AI for all Strippers
2x and 4X Anti aliasing now supported
New Dynamic Camera Modes User Interface
100's of new Sexy voice emotes, listen to her talk
New Dance Music by www.theGrindLab.com
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