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Driftmoon Launch Trailer (HD)
69.46MB - 95 downloads - 21 February, 2013

Driftmoon is an adventure-roleplaying game, full of exploration, smiles and surprises, captivating stories and quests, charming characters, and countless delightful details.

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Driftmoon January 2012 Trailer (HD)
67.17MB - 34 downloads - 13 January, 2012

Driftmoon is a roleplaying game that tells the story of the Pendant of Life, and how it was reforged. It is also a story about how Robert lost everything but his bones, but that didn't stop him. And it is a story about the little firefly who wanted to be a big star, but was stuck in a crypt.

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Driftmoon Explosions Trailer (HD)
61.46MB - 31 downloads - 17 November, 2011

Some combat tests in the Driftmoon Testing Area. Mana mines, My First Ticker Kit, and Spikey Chain Reaction (1:25)

play Driftmoon Explosions Trailer (HD) download Driftmoon Explosions Trailer (HD)
Driftmoon Ticker Trailer
3.4MB - 38 downloads - 10 October, 2011

First glimpse of the new Ticker monster type (0:08)

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Driftmoon Alpha 5 Trailer
13.66MB - 43 downloads - 13 June, 2011

1:54 of in-game footage

play Driftmoon Alpha 5 Trailer download Driftmoon Alpha 5 Trailer
Driftmoon Massive Battles Test Trailer
14.61MB - 47 downloads - 2 June, 2011

A quick simulation of two fighting armies (0:38)

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Driftmoon Gameplay Trailer
65.03MB - 61 downloads - 21 April, 2011

5:05 of gameplay footage

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Driftmoon Trailer
23.71MB - 75 downloads - 11 April, 2011

1:34 of gameplay footage

play Driftmoon Trailer download Driftmoon Trailer