Ducati World
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Acclaim
Date 2001-02-16
Publisher Acclaim
North America Retail Box ArtIf you're a fan of motorcycle racing games, then you might want to book some private time with your trusty game console. Acclaim's motorcycle racer has plenty of good ideas going for it, but substandard follow-through and too-easy races keep it trapped in the middle of the pack. In addition to the standard Gran Turismo-esque races, licensing tests, and upgrades, Ducati World offers a number of innovative gameplay options. For example, the game's challenge mode allows players to choose their bikes and put money on the line in a head-to-head race. It might be gambling, but at least it's cheaper than racing for real pink slips. While the game has plenty of bikes to choose from, including several from years gone by, the racing is at times so easy that most seasoned gamers will soon start looking around the room for other disks to spin. A collection of gameplay modes will keep the attention of hardcore bike enthusiasts, but this game will seem to others as rushed as an impromptu game of chicken. Ducati's graphics are dated, and its music is simply terrible. --Todd Mowatt

- Dominate 8 unique tracks on over 40 past, present and classic Ducati Superbikes!
- Compete for your license and the right to enter exclusive race circuits.
- Customize your look with helmets, racing and leathers and more.
- One of the best cycle games ever made!
- PC: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME (Tested Works with XP)
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