Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Genre Action -> Arcade
Today's Rank 2974
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Date 2002-05-21
Date 2002-06-14
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtSome games offer superb gameplay, others clever puzzles, Duke Nukem however has never proposed to offer anything other than good wholehearted fun, and Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is no different. On the hunt for power-hungry villain Mech Morphix, you play Duke Nukem battling through the rather short eight levels filled with baddies and secret areas. Unlike the original games, for some reason publishers Ubi Soft have opted to go for an 80s-styled platform game rather than the classic first-person shooter that we all know and love. Admittedly all the characters from the original titles have been brought across; the skimpily clad women, the pig police officers as well as a truck load of mutants to boot. Weapons have also been brought across and the pipe bomb, Uzi and rocket launch soon become favourites once more. Graphics are what you would expect from a scrolling platform game as is the sound, but you can't help but wonder why this game, in both gameplay and graphical style has gone backwards rather than forwards. Most titles 5 to 10 years ago got made from scrolling platforms into first person shooters not the other way around. --Jason Denwood

- Take Duke through eight huge and immersive 3D areas of New York City
- You'll do battle with disgusting mutant freaks through the subway tunnels, over skyscraper rooftops, in Chinatown and more, with an incredible arsenal of weapons
- Over 25 unique monsters, all looking to make you their lunch
- Dynamic zoomable camera lets you see the action from multiple angles
- Rescue the ladies as you blow the creatures away
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