Dungeon Keeper 2
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2003-09-26
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThere are many games that let you tear through dungeons with a group of adventurers as you loot, kill monsters, and build up your strength for the final showdown with the evil beast that runs the place. Dungeon Keeper 2 reverses these traditional roles by letting you run the dungeon. You get to stock your custom-made deathtrap with creatures, set traps, and generally make life as miserable (and short) as possible for the heroes foolish enough to invade your lair. Games such as the old Wizardry 4 and the original Dungeon Keeper have operated under this concept, but no game has done it this well. Starting with a little hole in the ground, you command your minions to start digging tunnels, mining veins of gold, and clearing out rooms to house the nasty creatures you'll eventually generate and recruit. Everything is rendered in colorful 3-D, and the special effects are especially satisfying. Beware: This isn't a game for the kiddies. Characters like the Mistress, who is rewarded by being tortured, are strictly for adults. That "Mature" ESRB rating is there for a reason. If you like building games like SimCity and can appreciate Dungeon Keeper 2's dark sense of humor, it's hard to beat for wicked fun. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Terrific 3-D graphics and overall production values Twisted sense of humor Lets us play a fantasy game from the bad guy's perspective Cons: Definitely an adult game: don't let the kiddies anywhere near it A little too easy to master
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