Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2003-11-11
Date 2003-11-28
North America Retail Box ArtDungeon Siege: Legends Of Aranna is an expansion pack that's so big, it's practically a new game. It also includes a complete version of Dungeon Siege -- two games for the price of one! Over 70 new spells with dramatic new spell effects are waiting for you to unleash them on your foes New classes and creatures, like the half-giant player/character and the pack animal that fights to defend your treasure Hundreds of new monsters, new weapons, and an entire new world to explore -- as you save your world from an insidious evil

- Includes a full version of the original Dungeon Siege. Journey through 9 spectacular areas as you solve a mystery in the world of Aranna
- The adventure reveals the origins, lives, and eventual downfall of the ancient Utraean civilization
- Featuring a new part of the world to explore, treasures to loot, and mysteries to unlock
- Experience fantastic creatures to battle, weapons to wield, armor for protection, and more
- Improved group gameplay; play through with friends and complete all the quests together
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