Earth 2150: The Moon Project Review

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Graphics: 8.5
Sound : 7.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.7
Review by A.S.
The Moon Project (C) Topware Interactive

"The MOON Project" runs parallel to EARTH2150 -Escape from the Blue Planet-, the award-winning, best-selling realtime-strategy hit from Topware Interactive. The UCS and the LC go head-to-head in a completely new game environment - a brand-new story with campaigns, new units, buildings, songs and much, much more."

Earth 2150, one of the better real-time strategy games ever released, not to mention a innovative user of its own 3D Engine (successfully implemented), is back to get more of that wonderful glory.

The MOON Project is based of the Earth 2150 Story and Engine, the engine did go several tweaks and fine-tunes but nothing drastic (nothing that noticeable). The story evolves During the happenings of the first game, developing into its own plot and its own character. Its always good to play Earth 2150, Why do you ask? Because its a true 3D Engined game, property used and well constructed, but it is no way the standard of the upcoming RTS's which will take the 3D Path. Want details? Read on.

The graphics are quite spectacular, exiting, innovative you might even think, seeing a RTS do both graphics and Gameplay (specially when its coming to 3D engine based Real-time strategy games), it makes you feel the difference, the New comings and perks of 3D.
Topware did a magnificent job in creating a new environment that does feel like the moon (to some degree, I wasn't there :P), The effects are absolutely splendid and considerable "fast" (Wont hog you down THAT much...).

The camera usability is quite remarkable, you Will need to use it sooner or later (Too many projectiles flying around, too many vehicles blowing up... too much smoke :P simply a little Too Much), You can easily control the camera with your mouse, Zooming in and out also has alot of meaning here.....
Personally I don't think that Camera switching is that needed in a RTS, I mean, using 3D for Graphical effects is OK with me, but not on the behalf of Gameplay (which does happen in Earth/Moon Project very often), Looking ahead into RTS gaming, I'm sure Blizzard (WarCraft III) and Westwood (Emperor: Battle For Dune and after that, C&C 3) will take advantage of their engines quite differently.... (so I predict.... their usage will affect the entire RTS genre...)

Well, Tell you the truth, I am somewhat disappointed in the game, its not Action based (Like RedAlert 2) nor is it Strategy (mainly) based (a.k.a. Dune2/Emperor), it somewhat falls in between with the main strategy for gameplay is Bulk (large number of units/defense buildings), Not that the game isn't fun, on the contrary, I sat and played this game for over 3-4 owns straight (one game), but it does need a path to follow, hint: Learn from Blizzard and Westwood :)

the AI is not the most brilliant one, it works in a very predictable order, Build, Gather and attack.... I didn't see it try to find any holes in my defense, it simply shot the first wall it hit and tried to breach in..... Oh well, you can't have everything can you?

There are 3 Races in the game, each one has its own unique system of Everything, different mining, building and vehicle sets (truly different). On the one hand, a particular race has to build the buildings just like most RTS's, and another race simply Order's it from the main world (and it hovers down after a while... very beautifully done by the way).

One of the higher notions I will give about The Moon Project (just like Earth 2150) is the replayability, you can play it over and over (with 3 different "races", each one truly different...), the maps are quite nice (and the Map Editor gives more maneuverability for Gamers to add new exiting additions to the game) and ofcourse, the ability to build your own vehicle does give you a feeling of "I wanna try This in a Different way..." kinda feel, making you Run that game again to enjoy its full potential.

I usually don't deal with the audio part of the game, so I'll try and keep it short. The music is very nice, I remember hearing a Techno track I liked very much. Suits the gameplay just right.... no more comments.
S/X are the usual... "Building", "Base is Under attack" that kinda thing.

I give this game Soultrape's Seven Thumbs Up(tm) and order you to grab it from the nearest place around you :)