Earth and Beyond
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2002-09-24
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-10-16
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtEarth & Beyond is the first online role-playing galaxy. This galaxy is filled with monsters and strange new worlds, but it is also home to thousands of other players from around the world. Players create unique characters and starships and can affect the galaxy, but the game persists even after individual players log off. Alien encounters, fierce combat, cutthroat commerce, new discoveries, perilous quests, strategic alliances, diplomatic backstabbing, and epic wars await you and the friends you'll adventure with. Earth & Beyond lets you build your character and career in three distinct ways: exploration, trade, and combat. The game is designed around these three activities, and each race, profession, skill, starship, and item affects how well you do these core activities. Explorers have access to hidden locales, the best sensors, the most accurate maps, the fastest ships, and stealth capabilities. Tradesmen make and sell goods, run trade routes, go on trade missions, have the biggest cargo holds, and do whatever it takes to make a profit. Warriors thrive on combat, destroying enemies, going on dangerous missions, and protecting their friends during perilous missions. It's a big galaxy. How far will you go? Form Powerful Alliances: The galaxy is populated with thousands of brave starship captains like you. Team up for group adventures to reap the benefits of cooperative exploration, trade, and combat. Lead Mankind's Galactic Expansion: Visit fascinating alien worlds, discover strange space phenomena, harvest precious resources, fight in massive battles, and trade your goods at thriving star bases. Create and Command Your Starship: Start your career in style with a powerful starship that you design, paint, and name. Upgrade your starship with new weapons, engines, shields, and devices. Live Your Own Life: Become powerful by succeeding in the challenges you enjoy the most, including combat, exploration, and trade. Choose from a variety of space-faring careers, each with a unique blend of potent skills. Star in a Sci-Fi Epic: As this epic story of humanity's struggle to colonize the stars unfolds, the galaxy will change before your eyes. Your actions, and those of your allies and enemies, will determine the fate of humanity and the course of the galaxy.
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