Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
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An intense top down shooter featuring cutting-edge 3D graphics, particle systems and post-processing effects, Eclosion features a multitude of ships, upgradeable weapons and combat environments ranging from ice worlds to deep space asteroid belts.
The game features both Solo and Co-op Single Player modes. Paying homage to the sci-fi shooters of the yester years, Eclosion has a music soundtrack with a blend of modern and authentic retro music created on analogue retro synthesizers like the original SID chip on the Commodore 64.

° Cutting-edge 3D graphics
° Over 40 levels spread across 10 different environments
° Over 20 upgradeable weapons
° Over 50 different enemy types
° Upgradeable ships
° Online player statistics
° Unlockable bonus levels
° Over 90 minutes of modern and retro fusion music
° Co-op Single Player
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