Ecstatica Review

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Graphics: 6.5
Sound : 5.5
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
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Ecstatica (c) Psygnosis

Genre: Action/Adventure
Year: 1994
Size: 17.6 mb

What's puzzled me a little about the Ecstatica games is that whenever I've been to a store that has
old/semi old games I always seem to find the sequal to this game, but never the first one. One thing
that's for certain is that this game was a blockbuster when it hit the shelves, and as you probably
could guess, there is a reason for that, and I will attempt to explain it briefly ;-)

Every decent game should have it's brilliant little story, and as this game has probably gotten it's
intro ripped out I did not catch what it's all about, but atleast you start riding off towards some
medieval place, and suddenly your horse and you gets really thirsty, and of course you just HAD to
stop at the little town, that HAD to have gotten a really farked destiny. It seems some woman had turned
loose a bunch of monsters, and by using your fists you need to bitch-slap a fair bunch of monsters just
from the beginning. What struck me about this game from the beginning is its difficulty! At first there's
like 2-3 different monsters, 1 little pOKEmon dude (haha, finally getting to beat up those little fuckers),
and there's this ape-like monster who I have not yet, after 10 attempts not been able to kill. After the
10th attempt I thought to myself, fuck this, I'll to this the chicken way and run like a mofo. And so I did.
I ran as a drunk (fairly injured) bitch away from the ape dudes, the pokemon dudes, and some weird looking
dragon. After having gone through the town and having entered the garden areas I saw why this game has the
adult part of it in the genre section of the genesis nfo; playing a flute was some polygon based chick, all
naked and pwetty. BUT, whenever you're fighting baddies and someone comes up to you naked it's someone who
can seriously injure you, or you're just getting lucky ;-) Anyway, I had now seen some of the modeling work
this game has gone through, and for a game to be from 94 this is not bad! Just think of Alone in the Dark.
Every fun time has to have an end, and so did my running, it ended when a large muscle based lifeform wacked
me upside the head aprox. 5 times. I had now been killed 11 times and had only been able to kill pOKEmon
dudes, I give up. =P

The Graphics:
Being based on the Alone in the Dark graphics this game offers great graphics, with many interesting camera
locations which you usually don't see in other games. The character animation is really nice, even though
the characters look like they're a bit mal-formed. As I said earlier, being from 94 this game is looking
really nice!

The Sounds:
A whole lot of different sounds actually, all from when the horse runs at the start, to when you smack
some ape-dudes up side the head. Good voices from the people you interact with aswell. GOOD.

The Music:
Scary muzak. Creates a good scary mood.

As I am not an avid Alone in the Dark player these controls became a bit strange to me, and they are as
You move by using the num pads, and hit by using the home (7) and pg up (9) key on the numpad. The thing
that made the controls a bit difficult is that you can't move by using two buttons at once, meaning you'll
need to run a certain distance, turn some, run some more, and turn some more. You can't turn while running.
Only semi-decent controls.