Empires & Dungeons
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Fight for the crown in this addictive fantasy strategy and roleplaying game mix. Build a castle, hire an army and crawl cursed dungeons for legendary treasures.From the creators of Smugglers 3.

All demo-/test- restrictions removed!
12 addictive and different scenarios
Randomly generared dungeons - every adventure is different!
Exciting features to explore: Breed dragons from dragon eggs, summon demons, duel enemy lords, fight as a gladiator in the "Arena Of Kings" and much more...
Easy-to-use interface
New no-frustration algorithms & design make sure that - for example - you only meet monsters in dungeons that you are able to beat.
Helpful in-game tutorial & in-game help
Up to three computer opponents at once
New exciting monsters, new valuable items, new thrilling events, ...
Instant download! (no physical product shipped)
Many different payment methods including credit-card, Paypal, etc...
10-day money back guarantee!
Awesome music track and sound effects from Dr. Giovanni Vindigni
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