Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 1419
Date 2003-03-11
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2003-09-12
Publisher Atari
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Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtEnclave is an exhilarating but difficult first-person role-playing game--a gritty, up-close-and-personal Diablo meets Halo experience. The basic action of the game takes place in a dark and chaotic landscape ripped apart by the "rift"--a bottomless crevasse magically created to surround the lone city of Celenheim, and keep it protected from the dark Outlanders preparing to invade. Your first mission, the Mission of Light, will be to make sure that the Outlanders do not succeed in their attempts. As a very fun side note, when you win the game for Celenheim, you can turn around and play the game as an Outlander. You start the game as a knight and as the levels progress, you acquire various other characters that play pivotal roles in your ability to get through each level alive. In true Dungeons and Dragons style, you prepare for each level by gearing up your character and purchasing the items you think will help you stay alive. Character selection is very important since each mission has unique challenges, tends to be pretty long and is usually impossible to save in progress. The game's major downfall: unless you are a patient and skilled gamer, there's a good possibility that you will get frustrated by not being able to get past difficult levels within a try or two. Many of the levels need to be attempted half-a-dozen times or more using different character and equipment combinations to get through. It's an enjoyable challenge, but may seem like too much like hard work for some gamers. --Sung Nicholas Kim

- Choose to play through the Path of Light or the Way of Darkness from the beginning.
- 12 playable characters with unique weapons, abilities, and equipment.
- Huge arsenal of magical and conventional weapons.
- Hordes of fearsome creatures to vanquish.
- 25 levels of play in interactive indoor and outdoor environments
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