Enter The Matrix Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 9.0
Gameplay : 8.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.6
Review by Dustin “Malachi” Gardner

Let’s face it. When a discussion or an opinion of anything to do with the world of The Matrix starts, everyone’s ears perks up. Sure the first movie broke new boundaries in the way of thinking and also more excuses to claim insanity for your actions, but even with the flop of the second film, the universe created by the Warchowski has opened new doors in thy methods of entertainment. Now, with the help of Shiny Entertainment, they have brought this universe to the world of gaming and have yet again entranced us into this puzzling world.

One of the most captivating things about this game is the music. It brings everything to this game that the music brought to the film. I crank it up higher than the sound just to enjoy it. It has every instrumental score from the movie as well as some new stuff to add to the experience. The in game sounds bring the world to life through the ricochets, bullet-time echoes, and cracking of bones during fights. Now, because this game was written and overseen by the Warchowski brothers themselves, they had the real actors bring their voices to the game as well. Each line is spoken as if they were making a movie, which most of you can agree, this can be labeled as one.

This game has been in the making from the ground up over at Shiny for a couple of years now, so it can pretty much run on any hardware today. All the in game characters were modeled after their real life counterparts, and even the fight moves were recorded from them as well. What will grab everyone off the bat are the between mission cut scenes. They are actual filmed scenes taken during movie production to suck you into the storyline. Now, these are not scenes taken from the second movie, but extra footage filmed just for the game itself. The effects of going into bullet time just make you want to not stop fighting. Just give me a never ending level with unlimited guys to fight and I can be happy for hours. Every fight move was carefully captured and execute to perfection. Nothing is more satisfying than snapping a guard’s neck with a spinning wall kick. But not every game comes perfect, and since they had to release this game at the same time the new movie was released, certain things weren’t tweaked in time. The main graphical errors have to be within all the levels where you’re driving or in the car needless to say. Every other vehicle on the road looks like a pimp mobile, bouncing up and down all the time. During the highway chase, once in awhile I’d get knocked into the side wall, and the car would flip over outside of the level, thus causing me to repeat it.

I’ve been asked what the point of playing another third-person game might be, and I tell them all the same thing. If you want to understand more about the new movie and the upcoming third one, you need to play through this entire game. The storyline answers any questions about the background characters one might have, even gives a few spoilers for the next movie. You can play as either Niobe or Ghost, each one having a variety of different moves and techniques, as well as each of them having their own unique storyline For instance, playing as Niobe shines more light on her relationships with Morpheus and the captain of Zion; when playing as Ghost you learn that he was raised with Trinity, and although she considers him a brother, he will be forever in love with her, knowing he will never have her. The first mission is what really makes you see how this game is tied with the movie. The goal is an emergency broadcast disk from the ship, Osiris, which is the ship from the Animatrix short CG film. The fact there is 2 storylines within the game definitely increases the replay value. Each level takes place in various areas, from the post office to a nuclear power plant, even the infamous French castle everyone will recognize. You get just a sick amount of guns to sue through out the game, and bullet time adds just a whole new style of playing. As mentioned before, this game was released too early to be considered complete, again mainly with the driving levels. When you play as Niobi, every driving level, you are the driver. As Ghost, you are the passenger, unfortunately the AI control Niobi has no clue what the hell it is suppose to do. I had to stop playing and wait for the first patch to fix this because I couldn’t get past the levels with the AI driving. All it ever did was crash into everything and destroy us, or get stuck in areas it shouldn’t be able to get into in the first place.

Even without multiplayer, this is one of the most addicting games to date. It has spent the past month of its release on my hard drive with no sign of leaving yet. Some people may cringe at the 3.4 gigs install, but I just can’t complain. Out of the box, there are enough bugs to make you want to get a refund, but with the release of 2 patches so far the playing experience has increased far beyond expectations. If you’re still not to sure, grab this puppy for pretty much any console and give it a try. For any hardcore Matrix fan, this is one of the key elements in knowing everything about the storyline, and a must try for everyone else.