Genre Action -> FPS
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Epigenesis GranArena Trailer (HD)
16.38MB - 43 downloads - 30 January, 2014

Beta footage of Epigenesis new map, GranArena. Get the game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/244590

play Epigenesis GranArena Trailer (HD) download Epigenesis GranArena Trailer (HD)
Epigenesis Trailer (HD)
39.02MB - 23 downloads - 18 September, 2013

Epigenesis is an FPS Arena Sports game in which 2 teams, armed with force-based non-lethal weaponry and gravity boots plays ball on top of tall towers.They are competing for domination by planting special plants with abilities that grants players buffs and captures the arena.

play Epigenesis Trailer (HD) download Epigenesis Trailer (HD)