Eternal Eden
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2008-11-11
Publisher Blossomsoft
Date 2008-11-11
Publisher Blossomsoft
Eternal Eden tells the story of heroes living in a paradise. Everything is provided for them: Food, drink, clothes; everything they could ever want all appears at a whim. The only rule that can never be broken is that no one must eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Needless to say, temptation proves to be too much, and soon players are thrown into a unique twist on the common "save the world" plot.

Completely packed with a large assortment of puzzles, complex riddles.
Strategic battles against mythical enemies!
Gorgeous old-fashioned graphics.
A deep, yet easy to understand storyline that will enthrall gamers for countless hours.
Over 20 areas: massive dungeons, incredible palaces, ancient forests, and more!
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