Eurofighter Typhoon
Genre Simulation -> Flight
Today's Rank 22022
Date 2001-08-01
Publisher Take 2
Date 2001-05-04
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtLet's get the obvious point out of the way; Eurofighter Typhoon is a flight simulation, so you'll need a joystick to play it properly. The next thing to notice is the developers; Rage have bought DiD, the makers of the F22 series of classics. Since Rage specialised in slick arcade shooters until their recent Hostile Waters, it's a pleasant surprise that the gameplay hasn't been simplified to the point where it's not enjoyable. In fact the kind of quality cutscenes seen in their previous games are used for docu-drama realism as hostilities break out and intensify across Europe with that favourite old enemy, the Russians. It comes to a head in Iceland, where your campaign takes place, and, being set in the near future, there are a few other experimental/fictional aircraft to fly as well as the computerised Eurofighter. The music is stirring and amusing at the same time, though if an action movie atmosphere's not what you're looking for, it can be muted. The trademark Rage big explosions are present and correct and you don't have a thousand key controls to plough your way through--the incentive to stay in the air comes from the fact that your pilots can be captured and interrogated when shot down by the enemy. The game's specifications are very friendly at PII level; the quality of programming is belied by this, only requiring Direct3D for the graphics, though as usual more RAM and a newer video card will speed things along a little even if they don't look any better. Shame about the 1Gb install, which is the only real sign of a "big" game. Eurofighter Typhoon is an arcade game that works well and has been worth the wait. --Kenneth Henry

- For 1 to 8 players using LAN or Internet
- Strategic jet fighting in the modern world
- Over 100 possible missions
- Over 32 types of aircraft to fly and fight
- Multiple gameplay modes
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