EVE Online: Incarna
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher CCP Games
Date N/A
Publisher CCP Games
Incarna 1.0 brings captain's quarters to space stations throughout the sixty-six regions of space. They are pilots' information hubs, their seats of power and their quiet sanctuaries. A short walk from the ship hangar brings a wealth of information via a new UI interface centered around a large holoscreen. Importantly, Incarna deepens the EVE experience and offers a true sense of immersion for those who build their reputation, which often equates to success, on their characters' identities.

Our new player experience has also undergone remodeling. Now it is easier than ever to begin the boundless life of an EVE pilot in a universe of possibilities with freshened tutorials and voice prompts. An agent finder provides ease of access to employment opportunities and the Noble Exchange offers another avenue to flaunt accumulated wealth with fashion goods sold throughout the universe. There's also a revamped corporation finder tool to better help pilots match up with established groups who share their goals, a vital part of EVE's foundation. Finally, Incarna delivers major technical milestones for EVE as well, with the addition of the CarbonIO technology that unlocked an 8% average gain for cluster CPU speeds.
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