EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity
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EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity Trailer (HD)
142.12MB - 51 downloads - 14 November, 2012

EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity content and features include: The Eidolon Jungle: Every area of Norrath over all the ages has its own home in Ethernere. Deep in this lush jungle overrun by strange creatures players will uncover Cazic-Thule dungeons with a familiar theme of fear and evil from EverQuest. Obol Plains: Players can discover the mysterious Obol Plains with its vibrantly colored flora and creatures that are plagued with inhabitants that are destroying the surrounding areas. Nine New Instanced Dungeons: Players can experience all new dungeons with unique, exciting encounters, along with new loot. All New Quest Lines: Players can experience the story of this unique realm in any play style they choose with entirely new quest lines. Prestige Abilities: With the launch of this new expansion, each subclass will now have access to new Prestige Abilities. Prestige Tradeskills: Crafters and their items will shine like never before with Prestige Tradeskills. Spirit Stones: The new expansion introduces new adornments that gain experience with players and grow in power. Level Cap Raised to 95: Guild, Adventurer or Tradeskiller, players are now able to experience Norrath at the highest level possible. AA Boost: Boost two level 90 characters to 280 Alternate Advancement points and begin the journey to levels 91 through 95.

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