EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate
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EverQuest II Sentinels Fate takes players into the fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests, magnificent dungeons and limitless content providing the ultimate MMO experience for all players. Sentinels Fate presents the next chapter of the EverQuest II legacy which will be written by the passion of players and fueled by the hunger for adventure.

All Previous Expansions - Includes the new expansion pack and all five previous expansions and content
Increased Level Cap Reach new heights with a level cap increase to 90
Amazing New Zones Explore two expansive new overland zones, The Sundered Frontier and Stonebrunt Highlands
The Quests Continues - Experience the legend of Odus through 400 new quests
More Dungeons - Battle through 12 new dungeon additions
New Weapons and Armor - Outfit characters with 2,000 new weapons, pieces of armor and items
New Alternate Advancement Abilities - Optimize your character's power and strength with all new alternate advancement abilities
Legends of Norrath - Includes digital card game client and The Fall of Erudin scenario
500 Station Cash - Select unique virtual items from the in-game EQII Marketplace
30-day subscription included for new EQII Accounts
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