EverQuest Underfoot
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EverQuest Underfoot presents a mysterious world unlike anything previously experienced in Norrath, providing the ultimate MMO gaming experience for players. This all-in-one compilation is the next volume of Norrathian adventure following last year’s success of EverQuest® Seeds of Destruction™. Now in its unprecedented tenth year, EverQuest takes its tradition of exciting worlds, challenging dungeons, inventive new creatures and thrilling monsters underground!

• All Previous Expansions - Includes the new expansion pack and all 15 previous expansions and content
• Amazing new zones – Players can dig into 12 new zones throughout the realm of Brell Serilis
• New Alternate Advancement Abilities - Optimize your character's power and strength with all new alternate advancement abilities
• New weapons and armor - Outfit characters with hundreds of new options
• Master Tradeskilling – Players can create powerful new weapons, armor and more with thousands of new recipes
• Extended Target Window - Track friends and foes with greater accuracy
• Achievement System - Display and manage your progress through the world of Norrath
• Mark of Brell in-game item – Users can teleport directly into the Underfoot zone (one per account, non-tradable)
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EverQuest Underfoot Convorteum Trailer (HD)
83.16MB - 31 downloads - 11 March, 2010

1:31 of in-game footage

play EverQuest Underfoot Convorteum Trailer (HD) download EverQuest Underfoot Convorteum Trailer (HD)
EverQuest Underfoot Launch Trailer (HD)
70.37MB - 50 downloads - 18 December, 2009

1:39 of gameplay footage

play EverQuest Underfoot Launch Trailer (HD) download EverQuest Underfoot Launch Trailer (HD)