EverQuest Underfoot
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EverQuest Underfoot presents a mysterious world unlike anything previously experienced in Norrath, providing the ultimate MMO gaming experience for players. This all-in-one compilation is the next volume of Norrathian adventure following last years success of EverQuest Seeds of Destruction. Now in its unprecedented tenth year, EverQuest takes its tradition of exciting worlds, challenging dungeons, inventive new creatures and thrilling monsters underground!

All Previous Expansions - Includes the new expansion pack and all 15 previous expansions and content
Amazing new zones Players can dig into 12 new zones throughout the realm of Brell Serilis
New Alternate Advancement Abilities - Optimize your character's power and strength with all new alternate advancement abilities
New weapons and armor - Outfit characters with hundreds of new options
Master Tradeskilling Players can create powerful new weapons, armor and more with thousands of new recipes
Extended Target Window - Track friends and foes with greater accuracy
Achievement System - Display and manage your progress through the world of Norrath
Mark of Brell in-game item Users can teleport directly into the Underfoot zone (one per account, non-tradable)
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