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The Alliance now finds itself weakened by the continuous attacks from Vonari forces. In order to protect Earth and the remaining Alliance territory, Evochron mercenaries are being asked to join in the fight. After struggling to achieve ultimate wealth, you now find yourself fighting for a far greater purpose.

You've been thrown into a massive universe of exploration, combat, and trading. Your skills in combat and loyalties with other pilots have earned you a prestigious reputation. You're ability to build ships for specific purposes is well known. But a new threat is about to interrupt your successful career.

Explore and survive in the diverse sci-fi universe of Evochron Alliance!
Customize and optimize your ship with the all new real-time shipyard.
Master ultimate firepower and technology with several new weapons and upgrades.
Join with other players in multiplayer for intense action.
Create your own missions and systems to expand the Evochron Alliance universe.
Choose the role you want in true freeform gameplay.
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