Exmortis 3
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 28195
Date 2009-09-12
Publisher N/A
Date 2009-09-12
Publisher N/A
Exmortis 3 is the latest addition in the phenomenally successful franchise that has been considered the benchmark for the ‘Horror Point-n-Click’ genre since 2004 with over 21 million game plays for the first two titles. For millions of fans around the world, the newest bloodthirsty episode delivers a spectacular and long-awaited showdown.

- Four additional epic chapters of heart-racing action including content and game play considered
too graphic for the free version
- CD quality orchestral backing tracks with professionally engineered sound effects
- Interaction with fully voice-acted characters - maybe even torture a few!
- Over a hundred inventory items to collect which help the player progress through the game
- Points based scoring system for comparison with friends online
- Access to five ‘ancient powers’ including Telekinesis, Perception, Teleportation, Regeneration and
the violently spectacular power, Destruction
- ‘First Person Shooter’ or sniper style action set pieces and sequences
- Climactic bloodthirsty power-laden confrontation between Mr Hannay and the ancient demon
- Numerous brain-straining puzzles
- High quality uncompressed graphics
- Full walkthrough
- Save and Load system – allows up to six games to run at the same time.
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