F1 2002
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 2208
Date 2002-06-14
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2002-06-07
Publisher Electronic Arts
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtThis is the first game to feature the 2002 Formula One World Championship and your first chance to compete for the 2002 Formula One crown. F1 2002 includes the new racing teams--Toyota F1 and Renault F1. You can compete for, unlock, and collect Formula One team-specific cards to win unique rewards and access new game modes. Building on the challenge mode from F1 2001, the game now lets you set multicar challenges in which you compete against the star drivers from the Formula One grid, or enter into a team dual and test your driver skills against an opponent in an equally competitive machine. Use the all-new Slingshot Bar to slipstream opponents and pull off high-intensity passing maneuvers. Enjoy watching "hero shots" and other race-breaking moments from multiple camera angles.
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