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North America Retail Box ArtThe F/A-18 Hornet is one of America's most capable aircraft, designed to excel at both ground attacks and air-to-air combat. Now anyone with a PC can experience the versatility of these birds firsthand with Jane's F/A-18. F/A-18s operate from carriers, and the simulation brings this demanding environment to life. With all the realism options enabled, carrier landings many times proved more dangerous and exciting than the combat missions from which we were returning. Newcomers can turn down all of the realism settings for some quick action, but seasoned sim jockeys will love the game's attention to detail when all the bells and whistles are enabled. The fully functional cockpit is almost a game in itself, considering it simulates most of the real aircraft's radar modes, navigation modes, and other critical-information displays. This is one of those games where every key on the keyboard corresponds to some function within the simulation, and you'll have to learn them all if you want to get the most out of F/A-18. Graphically, there are prettier flight simulators on the market, but with the right video hardware and a fast computer, F/A-18 doesn't look too bad. The terrain is a little drab, but the sky offers up spectacular sunsets. Objects in the game such as the aircraft carrier, other planes, and vehicles are modeled well. The graphics and sounds definitely take a back seat to this title's simulation aspects, which are deep enough to keep anyone interested in sophisticated jet combat occupied for some time. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Highly detailed simulation of the F/A-18 Carrier landings are a blast Sky graphics are beautiful Cons: Terrain is a little bland Not the best choice for novice gamers
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