FA Premier League Manager 2001
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2000-09-08
Publisher Electronic Arts
United Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtFA Premier League Manager 2001 allows you to step into the managerial position of any football club in several divisions of the most powerful leagues throughout Europe.Although most of us will head straight for the English league, you do have the choice to transfer your managerial skills to the European stage in Spain's all-conquering Primera Division, France's LNF or the German Bundesliga.As manager, you have control of all major decisions within the football club. You can decide to buy and sell players, upgrade your stadium with a mind-boggling array of different grandstands to improve capacity, or even build new and improved training facilities or commercial outlets to increase your revenue.A new Data Editor keeps the game up to date with the latest developments. Throughout the season, your decisions can crucially affect the performance of your team, both financially and on the playing field. This performance directly affects your job security.An interesting new feature, which lifts FA Premier League Manager 2001 head and shoulders above earlier incarnations in the series is the "set goal" option. At the start of the game, the chairman of the club will contact you providing you with three options for to choose between as a goal for yourself and the club over the next three years. This opportunity for longer term development of your club is one that I'm sure many a modern professional football manager would love to share!You can reshape your team, test out new formations and see how your team responds by watching the in-game 3-D engine--where you can watch the full match, complete with some nice graphics, commentary and a variety of realistic crowd noises including unique "chants" synonymous with some of the more famous teams. This allows you to pick out individual star players, and highlights the loafers who aren't pulling their weight. If your players aren't performing... well it's your fault, you sort them out!--faisal ahmed
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