FA Premier League Stars 2001
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Date 2000-09-08
Publisher Electronic Arts
There seems to be no end in sight for football's popularity as the FA Premier League continues its march across the world's consciousness. The players themselves are as well known in Kuala Lumpur as they are in the North of England. What better than a game that represents the League and its stars? The FA Premier League Stars replicates the passion and glory of the world's most exciting league by integrating commentary, stadiums, clubs and most importantly its stars. Using the Stars concept, users win games, earn stars and even improve their team's skills such as passing, shooting and tackling. This game is as exciting as it sounds, and users don't need to be football fans to enjoy it. Installation is quick and easy, although the familiar commentaries do grate a little. As the game progresses, however, a little bit of football knowledge does come in handy--not everyone is versed in the subtleties of the game. A great laugh, and much better than watching "Match of the Day". --Paul Munford
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