Farmer Iv@nich - Eggs Lord
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2007-11-26
Publisher Blagotek
Date 2007-11-26
Publisher Blagotek
The hero in the game isn't a warrior who blasts away bad guys with a super powerful arsenal of weapons. Instead, Iv@nich wears a plain apron and relies on his hens instead of a pistol.
The goal of the game is to help Iv@nich become the eggs lord. Collect the eggs until all the baskets are full. When a basket is full of eggs, it disappears. The faster you collect, the more points you score and the more chances you have to win the level. But if you take too long and do not collect the eggs in time, the level is lost and you have to start all over again.
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Screenshots added: 2007-11-26