Feeding Frenzy 2
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date 2006-03-15
Publisher PopCap Games
Date 2006-03-15
Publisher PopCap Games
In Feeding Frenzy 2, you start as a tiny fish striving for ocean supremacy in a sea full of predators. Eat your way to the top of the food chain, from tiny butterfly fish to a great white shark. A new storyline finds the ocean in chaos, with some fish species missing and others out of place. Assume the role of six different fish on your mission to discover the cause of the problem and defeat it in order to save the sea. A wide range of new creatures (both friendly and unfriendly), power-ups, super abilities and food provide surprises around every coral.

20 stunning new fish including 10 new species and 10 classics from Feeding Frenzy 1
5 new creatures and obstacles including pelicans, bugs and bioluminescent plankton
8 all new environments, from sunken ships to beautiful reefs and deep-sea caves
New "Midnight Zone" levels – use Edie's illuminating lure to light your way
New water surface levels where you can leap out of the ocean to catch bugs and power-ups, do back-flips for style points, and more
6 new playable fish, including Boris the Butterfly fish, Goliath the Great White Shark and a mystery bonus fish (unlocked after completing the game)
2 Exciting game modes: Story and Time Attack
A host of new power-ups including Shield Fish, Loony Lures, and Shrink Shrooms
Enhanced high resolution graphics
All new soundtrack
Lots of new fish ranks, fun facts, and more
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