Fenimore Fillmore's Revenge
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 26735
Date N/A
Publisher Nobilis
Date N/A
Publisher Nobilis
In this episode, Fenimore Fillmore and Rhiannon are galloping through the Far-West and find a wounded man. Fenimore leaves to get some water while Rhiannon keeps watch and tends to the man’s wounds.

The mysterious man regains consciousness and tells her that there is a hidden secret treasure in a cemetery. In a last breath of life, he reveals to her its exact location.

• 3rd person 3D adventure
• A humoristic western adventure!
• Strong NPC personalities and a lot of bandits to shoot at.
• The possibility to play alternatively with the 2 main characters: Fenimore Fillmore, a courageous hero, and Rhiannon, a sexy girl!
• A lot of enigmas to solve in order to progress in the adventure.
Ex: Find how to heal the wounded man in order to progress in the plot.
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