FIFA 2001
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Date 2000-11-02
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2000-11-10
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtFIFA 2001 is the latest game in the massively popular football franchise from Electronic Arts and like its predecessors it sure to find its way into many footy fans stockings this Xmas.With over 60 international teams on offer, you can take your team through a number of different game types including playing a one-off friendly or attacking the full World Cup. While these may seem appealing, you are also tempted by the inclusion of the major European and American leagues--15 in total.The Season option, on the other hand, lets you play up to three consecutive campaigns with relegation and promotion available in a FIFA game for the first time and versions of the UEFA and European Champions League available.The gameplay is not radically different from FIFA 2000, but there is some new player animation with a lot of attention placed on the keepers. First-time players will find it very easy to get into, though the learning curve through the games difficulty levels can be surprisingly steep.With a limited transfer system and team tactics everything can be customised and changed on the fly as the game progresses. The graphics have been polished and the game runs very smoothly. FIFA 2001 is full of detail: key stadiums are accurately modelled and each team has the correct sponsors logo on their shirt with the exception of Arsenal for some reason.FIFA 2001 is probably still the best pick-up-and-play football game available. It may lack the depth of the ISS series, but for immediate accessibility it is still the champion. --Michael Bartley
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