Flight Simulator X
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Date 2006-10-17
Date 2006-10-13
North America Retail Box ArtFlight Simulator X will awe flight simulator fans and real pilots alike. All-new eye-popping graphics, actual missions to accomplish and a wider range of airports to visit recreate the experience of being a pilot, right down to the smallest detail. Complete point-to-point objectives and skill-based tests, or just fly around the world if you'd prefer that to ferrying passengers or cargo. Whatever you choose to do as a pilot, it's available here in Flight Simulator X Standard.

- Fly 24 different airplanes, including Ultralites for when you don't want to deal with all the knobs and dials
- Visit 24,000 of the world's airports, on all 7 continents
- Authentic road layouts - fly over your home town and navigate by the streets below
- Simulates advanced GPS technology
- Deeply immersive world to providing more structured gameplay elements
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