Fortress Europe
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date N/A
Publisher Matrix Games
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtOkay. Well go. Eisenhower spoke these words to start Operation Overlord. The Allied armada of over 3,000 landing craft, 2,500 ships and 500 naval war vessels started for the coast of France. The opening of the Second Front and the Liberation of France had begun! But the Germans were waiting, ready in Hitlers Fortress Europe. Fortress EuropeTM is in an RTS style but with a wargamers edge. If you are new to wargames this is the perfect game to start with. Veteran wargamers will enjoy the fast pace challenge without losing control of the battlefield as in so many RTS click fest games. Isometric Wargame 3D. Play either Allies, US, British or German forces. Control strategic as well as operational parts of the campaign. Dynamic battlefields with environmental effects. Realistic supply model for equipment and ammunition. Choose your own beach landings. Command units from Battalions up to whole Divisions. Send Reinforcements were you need them most. Gain air superiority as you assign missions to your Air Force. Select one of three Paratroops drop locations. Order your forces to make a synchronized attack. Real Time mode (RTS) with speed control and pause option. TCPIP/LAN Play. Historical and What if scenarios are available.

- Send reinforcments where you need them most
- Gain air superiority as you assign missions to your Air Force
- Select Paratroops drop locations
- Order synchronized attacks. Historical and "What-If" scenarios
- PC: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP
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