Frankenstein(Play-Publishing Games)
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Many years have passed since the tragic incident that took place in Dr. Frankenstein’s castle.
Frankie have settled in small hut hidden deep in the woods where no one could have disturbed his peace.
But someday an unexpected guest visited his hut – it was a small bat with a letter attached to it’s leg.
The message was from Igor – Doctor’s assistent and a close friend of Frank.

Dear friend,
I need your help!
During one of his experiments, Doctor has awaken frightning powers lurking beneath the castle. Monsters have kidnapped him and imprisoned me inside the dungeon.
Help me!

p.s. Take care of my bat please!

Frankie put down the letter and got lost in his thoughts. After a while, he took his pocked-sized antique cannon, which played a role of paperweight so far. He took a last look around and hasted with an aid to his friend...

Help Frankenstein's Creature save his best friend, and reclaim the castle from the grasp of evil.
Fight the creepy creatures haunting this place, to uncover castle's darkest secret.

-5 different themes
-10 levels
-Distinctive, old-school graphics
-Lots of unique enemies
-Beautiful sound themes
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