Freedom Force
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2002-03-26
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-10-29
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtFreedom Force is a real-time-strategy role-playing game that lets you guide several heroes through a series of linear missions. The game takes place in the '60s and looks, sounds, and acts like a vintage Stan Lee/Jack Kirby collaboration. Because Irrational Games didn't secure a big-name license (such as Marvel or DC), the game uses original characters, but they've cleverly packed in a character generator, and the Net is rife with fan sites offering, gratis, just about any hero you can think of: the Hulk, Spidey, Batman, and even Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons! You can use your own heroes in multiplayer mode or in the game itself by buying them with your Prestige Points (more on this below). Starting off as star-spangled spreader of justice Minute Man, you'll begin your quest to thwart the powers of evil. Along the way you'll meet the alien Mentor, the fiery Latino El Diablo, the melancholy Man-Bot, a speedster named Bullet, and many more. Characters have statistics like any RPG and they gain experience as a team. Those on a mission gain the full value, and those back at Freedom Base gain only a fraction. When they "level up" you can buy new powers for them. Saving lives and solving missions gives you Prestige Points, which is a measure of how the citizens feel about your team. PP's let you buy new characters in the game. The camera system is fluid and intuitive. You can spin around the heroes, zoom in and out, and even set the camera to follow them cinematically. The interface is also simple to use. Click on the character portrait, choose an attack, and click on the bad guy. Things get hectic in battle but you can pause the action with the space bar. You can also choose a slow-motion option, making it much easier to keep up with the action. The graphics are bright and vibrant and the audio is fantastic. Freedom Force is a great tactical-strategy game on top of being a terrific tribute to the heroes of the comics' vaunted Silver Age. This is a game that's so good, you might want to buy two and keep one safe in a Mylar plastic bag. 'Nuff said. --Bob Andrews Pros: Pays loving tribute to the subject matter The game behind the tribute is likewise worthy Cons: The missions are too linear to be replayable

- Start out with a comic-book style origin story that introduces you to Freedom Force, the superhero team you'll control
- Use your group's super-powers to make your way in a fully interactive 3D New York -- you can rip out streetlights, throw cars and demolish buildings
- Zoom in & out, control camera angle, and battle thugs and aliens
- Earn prestige points by saving people, but be careful you don't lose them by causing damage -- the more prestige points you have the better your reputation is
- Unlock other secret origins and secrets of Freedom Force
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