Frost Wars: The Rise of Fatty Sparkles
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Frost Wars: The Rise of Fatty Sparkles Trailer (HD)
59.79MB - 49 downloads - 24 August, 2012

The chaos of Frost Wars begins as Toxi Co., an international mega-corporation, travels to the Arctic in search of the purest ice on earth. When a freak drilling accident unleashes mysterious goo that mutates the native animals, a war for survival breaks out between the native Eskimos and Toxi Co.’s work-a-day employees – a war that’s masterminded by an arms-dealing polar bear named Fatty Sparkles. Players can jump into the turn-based Arctic madness with two primary modes of play. Speed Play is a synchronous game mode that allows up to four friends, or random opponents, to join together and battle it out in one sitting. Extended Play is an asynchronous game mode that offers gamers a more relaxed style of play spread over multiple days, allowing multiple battles to be fought at the same time. Featuring a heap of unique game modes, an already vast array of specialized squads/weaponry, and the chance to be part of a community that is literally shaping the future of the game, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about Frost Wars.

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