FX Fighter
Genre Action -> Fighting
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North America Retail Box ArtFX Fighter represents the future of PC fighting games: the fully three-dimensional fighter. Just as Battle Arena Toshinden has done on the consoles, FX Fighter illustrates just how visually impressive a full 3-D environment can be. Even so, as with all ground-breaking technology, certain wrinkles need to be ironed out before FX Fighter can live up to its claim as the ultimate PC fighting game. This is an extremely atmospheric and versatile title, allowing variation in environment, challenge, number of players, and graphic detail. The characters are diverse, both in appearance and ability, and the worlds where the battles take place are dark and surrealistic. While the characters are advertised to have forty different attacks, you rarely utilize (or need to utilize) more than about ten. In fact, if you get too ambitious, you risk sending your character spinning out of the ring and into the Great Beyond. Eight great fighters - eight proud civilizations. And a champion who wants to destroy them all. You are up against the best known fighters in the Universe in a brawl to the death. The competition will be held in 8 different arenas, on 8 different planets against 8o very different competitors. Robots, Insects, Cyborgs will all use a barrage of attacks to eliminate you from the competition... permanently. In this galactic event, there are no prizes for second place...only body bags.

- 3D texture-mapped combat arenas, with flying-camera perspectives
- Motion Capture technology, for the smoothest fighting animation.
- SGI rendered animations and backgrounds
- Over 40 different attacks per fighter!
- PC: DOS, Windows 95 DOS Mode, Windows 98 DOS Mode, Windows ME DOS Mode
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