Galacthic Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher Sodigital
Date N/A
Publisher Sodigital
Galacthic is an intergalactic tournament, where all warriors come to fight for their fame and fortune. Those great team-fights are taking place on different planets. Players climb up in the hierarchy of the best warriors, gain respect and arouse hate of all their opponents.

Marine - is a branch of the special forces of the Earth utilizing machine-gun and hand-grenade. Marines have a unique possibility to camouflage that is why he can be invisible for its enemy.
Guarg - came from the far galaxy. It's the killing machine which has a strong armor and deadly weapon. His greatest quality is resistance, but it has an influence on his movement on a map.
Ninva - galactic amazon who has supernatural and telekinetic powers. They are fast and unpredictable. The physical fitness and ability of enemy control are their biggest value on the battlefield. Unfortunately, they have low survivability.
Kegar - Ex slaves of Guargs. They are extremely strong and resistant units. They can kill their enemy at one stroke. Fear of the fight with them can paralyze almost everyone. The best way to defend yourself is to fight with him at distance.
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