Galactic Civilizations
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 924
Date 2004-12-06
Publisher Strategy First
Date 2003-09-12
Galactic Civilizations Galactic Civilizations United Kingdom Retail Box ArtGalactic Civilizations Deluxe Edition puts you in charge a human empire that expands to the other solar systems. You'll lead the human race as it fights for dominance in a harsh and dangerous galaxy -- use any means necessary to secure humanity's place in the stars. Choose military might, diplomacy, economics, cultural expansion or technology to win over other peoples - then use the new features in the expansion pack to try out new features & content, for all-new challenge. Features the original Galactic Civilizations and the Altarian Prophecy Expansion Pack.

- Deep, immersive storyline; multi-threaded AI; multiple paths to victory
- Full campaign along with 10 built-in scenarios and 10 custom maps
- Galactic Civilizations and Altarian Prophecy Expansion Pack
- Lead humanity in a struggle to dominate the galaxy in Galactic Civilizations
- Altarian Prophecy with 2 new alien civilizations: The Korx and The Drath
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Galactic Civilizations North America Retail Box Art

Galactic Civilizations United Kingdom Retail Box Art