Galactic Melee
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Galactic Melee is a physics based massively multiplayer space combat action game. You are a single fighter pilot among hundreds, carving a path through the chaos of fighter to fighter battle. Become the top ranked dueler in tournament mode. Kill in 90 seconds or die yourself in wave-based survivor mode. Or mine asteroids to buy carriers, launching waves of your fighters at the enemy starbase in Armada.

Skill decides battles, not equipment, or level, or time spent grinding. As a Trainee in your first battle, with minimal equipment, you can challenge the most advanced fighters in the universe. Can you make a name for yourself among thousands?

Armada: Two opposing space stations, with player controlled carriers. Carriers serve as mobile bases. Destroy the reactors to win.

Dogfight: Kill or be killed. Killing multiple times without dying increases your score multiplier.

League: 4 on 4 matches, automatically managede by the server. The outcomes of matches are recorded and ranked by squad.

Survivor: One life per round, and the clock is ticking down. Get a kill every 90 seconds or die yourself! Last to survive gets the bonus.

Tournament: Ranked competition to find who is the best fighter.
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