Galaga Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 9.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.5
Review by Dennis Sloutsky
Galaga is again another remake from Hasbro/Atari. We have seen lately Breakout and Frogger 2, and now it's time for one of the games that made gaming history. Many old time players refer to Galaga as the best '80 game if not even the best game ever. The original was a cute 2d shoot'em up without any sort of verical/horizontal scrolling. Prolly the feature that made it different was the possibilty, trough a complex operation, to merge two fighting units in one, having a dual shoot (tough risking to loose two lifes). The 2000 version of the game itself is a 3D redesigned version of the original Galaga. So hrm, the goal of the game is to fly around in 2D/3D in a spaceship thingie and shoot hordes of alien ships. Deja Vu any one?

The GFX are pretty much okay for an hasbro remake: they are almost 3D in the 3D person levels and respectable 2D in others. Asteroids flying all around you and hordes of alien ships trying to shoot you or collide into you... Nice background too...

The sound in the game is reduced to squeeks, sound of blasters and some minor explosions. The CD audio doesn't influence that much the fun factor.

The levels are somewhat varied from top down to 3d person to 2d
sideshooter. The controls are fairly calibrated although a bit sloppy in aiming. The other con is the game's replayability: it contains only 4 levels*9 waves of enemy attacks in each... So after you're done with it you probably won't wanna able to play it again, :/.

After all this game is an allright title but it doesn't introduce anything new to the genre AND gets boring really fast: i got tired of it after half an hour of playing. If you like arcade games go and grab it, otherwise don't bother. Of course this game will please those mad retro-guys that are still playing the original with mame or other emulators, well at least u can buy and own this remake, anyway the magic of the original is mostly lost.