Galley Battles
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date N/A
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Galley Battles: From Salamis to Actium is classic hex and turn based wargaming while taking advantage of everything a computer can offer a wargamer. Scale-wise each hex represents 50 meters, a turn will be about five minutes, and each ship will be represented individually. Maps can be as big as 512 x 512 hexes, and battles can involve as many as five hundred ships!

Multiplayer action is possible through either hotseat or PBEM play, and a full featured scenario editor will be included. Turns are simultaneous WEGO phases, and thanks to the innovative command structure in Galley Battles: From Salamis to Actium, players will easily be able to manage massive engagements. What the system does is allow players to sketch out the basic general orders at the start of a battle, and once in the heat of battle more detailed orders via individual squadrons are then given.
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