Game of Life
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Publisher Atari
Date 2005-07-15
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtGo to college, get a career, get married, buy a house, and have children. No, this isn't a wish list delivered by your parents; this is the classic Game of Life brought to the PC. If you are looking for some harmless, wheel-spinning fun, grab the nearest computer and get ready to play. There are two ways to play the game, Classic and Enhanced, both with the same concept: spin the wheel and hope for a chance to gain money, not lose it. In the Classic version, you earn "Life Tiles" for certain experiences (which later equal money); in the Enhanced version, you play "Life's Little Games," which offer small puzzle-based side games for extra income. As you can see, the basic concept of Life is to finish the game with the largest amount of money. Along the way, you will encounter: burglars and natural disasters--so make sure to get insurance; Hollywood premieres and world travels--get ready to pay for your fun; stock market surges and taxes--both instant effects to your income; and the beloved Payday--the one time when wealth comes with a reliable figure. The appealing animations, music, and side games offer a new aspect to the Game of Life, one that triggers a larger sense of chance. The network play option lets up to six players join together and make the opportunities in life a little more competitive. Since the game is based on the idealized norm (marriage, two kids, and a retirement home with a large pension), you cannot quite think of the game as comparable to life, but you can think of it as Leave It to Beaver with a twist. --Madeleine Miller
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