Get a Life Show
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
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Get a Life Show is a PC game that represents the hottest TV Show of this season. The player get inside a reality show in which the entrants have to compete like they never did before. The winner will be the best in managing an equilibrate lifestyle with success and charisma.

Get a Life Show has 3 impressive TV studios that represent real urbanizations in which the competition is transmitted to the world. Each TV studio recreates a whole virtual life in there. The sets available are Paris, New York and Buenos Aires.

The main objectives of the competition are to reach the highest levels of education, career, cash, health and happiness.

· 3 TV Studios to play
· 6 Interactive characters
· Multiplayer LAN mode
· Single player mode to save and continue when you wish
· 64 Jobs
· 11 Degrees
· 17 Interactive buildings
· Minigames
· Abilities and special potions to interact with the other players
· 4 Casino games
· Independent casino mode that can be placed independently
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